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we are united in our dedication to women’s rights


About Us

Empower Her is a non-profit Organisation. It is staffed by a dedicated local team living in the slum areas, whose shared goal is to support and empower disadvantaged women and girls who are disproportionately affected by poverty, lack of education, discrimination, abuse and violations of their rights entitlements, access and control of finances.

Experience has proved that if equipped with proper education and resources, women have the power to help, not only their own families, but whole communities, to overcome poverty, marginalization and social injustice.

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Founder Message

Dear Friends,
Empower Her is a registered Non-Governmental Organization, working since 2012 from humble beginnings to improve Women’s rights, gender equality, Child welfare and education in deprived sections of the local community. Empower Her is committed to play an effective role in providing projects designed to implement sustainable, across-the-board improvements.

We aim to expand our networks and build robust partnerships to address the issues of poverty, deprivation and exclusion of women through education, health and hygiene awareness and skills training. To achieve these outcomes, we will apply best practices and collaboration with initiatives to create practical strategies towards improved quality o life to which we all aspire.

We need and welcome any help or contribution to develop the scope of our projects: through time, skill sharing, sales of the women beautiful hand made products, donations or fund raising initiatives to empower more girls and women in the communities that we serve.

With kind regards

Jatinder Kumar 

 Founder of Empower Her 




— Our Story

Empower Her, a small NGO, was founded in 2012 in Rishikesh, India to work at grass roots level for and with women living in impoverished slums. We provide Education and Skills Training with Literacy, Computer Studies, Design and Stitching classes and Art and Handicraft training that enables disadvantaged girls and women in the local communities to become self confident, aware and empowered to earn money independently which uplifts the quality of their own and their families’ lives.



— Our Mission

 To alleviate poverty and social exclusion by facilitation empowerment of women and girls from poor and marginalized communities through education, entrepreneurial opportunities and various other comprehensive programs.

— Our vision

EmpowerHer seeks the advancement of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome by fostering sustainable methodologies of development, economically and ecologically. Where people live in dignity and security.